Learning law is not easy.  We're here to help

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LegalED is working to create a vast collection of short videos that break down complicated legal topics into easy-to-view chunks that you control -- you can watch them anytime, from anywhere, until you've mastered the material.

LegalED puts learning front and center. 

LegalED uses the power of videos to capture and assemble teaching moments into easy-to-view chunks, responding to scientific research about shortening attention spans.  Moreover, it uses 21st century tools to respond to your needs: allowing you to learn at their own pace, review lessons as often as needed for mastery, go deeper into topics of particular interest, hear different perspectives, and learn actively with your peers.

Lawyering Competencies


Successful lawyering requires more than an understanding of key legal concepts and theories.  Berkeley Law researchers, Marjorie Shultz and Sheldon Zedeck, conducted an extensive multi-year study of what makes a successful law school applicant.  The 26 competencies that lead to successful lawyering are:  

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LegalED's video collection will cover these lawyering competencies as well.  And if your professors assign the videos to flip the classroom, they can free up class time for you to engage in active problem-based learning during class time that teaches and hones these important lawyering competencies.  Research shows that active learning, where you use the material you are trying to learn, actively through writing, speaking, role play, simulation, or real life client representation, helps to support and reinforce learning.  So, watch, learn and join the movement.